Con mis zapatos le digo al mundo quién soy

With my shoes I tell the world who I am

Suspended time, reflection time... Now it's time toreconnect. GOING BACK IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA...going back to good slow work. Taking time to have time is the new luxury and it makes us a little happier. Feel your heartbeat, be aware of your breathing and, above all, listen. Return to what is close, to calm, to the origin, to the voids so full of opportunities. Instagram half exists and leads us to reflect that it is not necessary to be so "cool", that this is not about tyrannical trends, it is about identity, personality and style. With my shoes I tell the world who I am. You do not negotiate between comfort and elegance. For you, both or nothing. 

And it is in the small details that we risk everything, putting on a pair of shoes is an act inherent to the human being, a way of communicating our entity, our way of being... succeeding in style gives us security. Those shoes that reconcile us with life: social awareness, environmental awareness, culture of proximity, human warmth and local pride.

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