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ICONS: Best Sellers, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Rubber sole nº1

Posted by Aurora Coll on
Best Sellers, de ayer, de hoy y de mañana.


Traditional process that in 1874 is mechanized by Charles Goodyear. One of the oldest, longest lasting and most elaborate processes. Consisting of joining with a first sewing and in a single step, cut, fence and insole. A second sewing independent of the first, joins the frame to the sole. By not perforating the stitching of the upper sole, it becomes a waterproof shoe. With the name FLEX, a step forward is taken, with all the quality guarantees of the laborious process, and it becomes, thanks to a flexible insole, a shoe that is less rigid, more ductile.

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  • Luis Fernando on

    Volvereis a tener mocasines con suela de material ? No quiero de goma

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