Las prisas no son buenas consejeras.

The rush is not good counselors.

We live in a rushed society, and I dare say that a good job is incompatible with being in a hurry. You cannot be proud of something done at full speed. A good development and a good execution is a matter of time, it is an expensive process, but not expensive, time is the new luxury. In a hurry you cannot reflect on how what you buy has been manufactured.

In a hurry you cannot ask yourself where the materials come from and how they were obtained, or how much they pollute. And I don't even tell you what will happen to those shoes when you're not going to wear them anymore...

Buy consciouslySlowly, do not abandon a good investment that can last you over time. We have to wear shoes, and we like to fit well, but calm down. 

If we do not manage to slow down the rate at which we buy and produce, we will continue to generate more waste than we cannot manage. 


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