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We are two, Jordi and Aurora Coll and we are back! Aeven though we're never quite gone.

We inherited the commercial brand, George´s, created by our father in 1967. We went out to train first and followed our training with the Master for many years and now... itis the time to reinvent oneself, to connect with people from before and reach new customer profiles, in a word, to reconnect.

Our products continue to be designed and developed in Inca, Mallorca is Georges Island where our roots lie and where it all began.

Our most immediate project is to recover women and iconic lines that we are still redesigning. What's next? Accessories, cleaning materials and shoe care. And why not? socks.

George's has a good story behind it, of entrepreneurship, passion and brave people whose project was to build a better world. But not everything is good romanticism, there is also a very powerful father figure, doing what is expected of you, and an excessive, recurrent “why are we going to change if everything goes well?”.

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Que ganas de la línea de mujer otra vez!! Y los calcetines!!

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