Shoe Care

Take care of your shoes like a pro.

Follow our guide to ensure your Georges´s are brushed to perfection, in suede and split leather articles

Remove laces.

We will proceed to remove the laces to facilitate the cleaning operation. And put the corretly sized shoe trees in your shoes.

Step 2:


We will brush with the Horse Hair Brush the shoe to remove dust, or dirt that may have.

Step 3:

Brushing suede or split leather.

With the Luxe Suede brush, we will gently brush the suede, determining the direction in which we are going to do it, we will know the appropriate direction when we see the suede uniformly.

Step 4:

Welt dyeing of the sole.

With the Dauber Brush, and shoe cream, we will proceed to dye the leather welts, since by use, they may have chafing or scratches.

We will be especially careful not to dirty the suede.

Step 5:

Once the cream is applied, we will proceed to finish the welts, passing the chamois over the welts several times.

What we should not do

As it is a natural product, we must take a series of precautions when applying products for its maintenance, therefore we must not use products intended for household cleaning. Nor should we use solvents or other abrasive products. And we should never use the washing machine to clean them.

If the shoes get wet, we should never dry them near heat sources or in the sun, as this could damage or dry out the skin.

To take care of your George's, you can find all the accessories on our website.

For more details, you can also watch our video: