Take care of your shoes

1-We should avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row. The skin needs to rest and return to its original position so as not to age prematurely. Prolonged use of the same pair of shoes, in addition to not being elegant at all, will not allow the skin to breathe and it will be forced to absorb sweat. Likewise, the wrinkles that even in the best shoes are produced with their use, will become stronger later, being more difficult to get rid of them.

2-One of the most important rules when caring for shoes is to insert wooden lasts into them whenever we are not wearing that pair of shoes.
After a whole day on them, the lasts, in addition to absorbing sweat and odor, prevent the skin from cracking. Similarly, by "forcing" the entire shoe to return to its original position, they prevent its appearance from being affected.

3-If the shoes get wet, we must dry them with a soft cloth and make sure that no water remains on them. However, despite the fact that no water is visible, it is very likely that moisture has penetrated the leather of the shoe. To prevent this humidity from wreaking havoc on the leather of the shoe, we will insert some wooden lasts into them. When wet, the shoes are more sensitive to deformation, so we must put the lasts on them.

If we find ourselves away from home, it will suffice to insert newspaper into them. Let's combat humidity with shoe lasts or sheets of newspaper, what we should never do is dry them under the radiator since a direct heat source will end up hardening them and shortening the natural life of the leather.

4-Cleaning products should not be abused. Although the shoes must always be polished and hydrated to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking, the abuse of shoe polish ends up producing a series of layers in the shoe that, in addition to modifying its original color, prevents the leather from breathing.

5-Finally, it is important to keep them in the cotton bags that are delivered with every good pair of shoes. These bags, in addition to allowing the skin to breathe, prevent any dirt from entering. If the space of our shoe rack allows it, we should, once each shoe has been stored in its respective bag and the corresponding last has been placed, keep them in the box that was delivered to us with them.

What not to do

Being a natural product, we must take a series of precautions when applying products for its maintenance, therefore we must not use products intended for household cleaning. Nor should we use solvents or other abrasive products. And we should never use the washing machine to clean them.

We also discourage products that contain liquid creams, even if you specify that they are to be used for footwear, these liquid creams are not usually compatible with our products.

In leathers such as suede or split leather, we will never use creams, in this case we will remove the dust or dirt that may have adhered, and we will proceed to comb the suede with a suitable brush, leaving the hair evenly.

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