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Take care of your shoes

1-We should avoid wearing the same shoes one day after the other. The leather needs to rest and return to the original position for not becoming old too early. The prolonged use of the same pair of shoes, as well as not being elegant, doesn't allow the leather transpire, and it will absorb the sweat. Equally, the wrinkles that are produced in all the shoes because of their use, will secure on the shoes, being more difficult to get rid of them. 2-One of the most important tips for taking care of the shoes is to introduce a wood last inside the shoes every time we aren't using that pair. After a whole day wearing that shoes, the last, as well as absorbing the sweat and the smell, it impedes that the leather open cracks. 3-If the shoes get wet, we should dry them with a soft cloth and get sure that there is not any water inside and on them. However, despite we do not see the water, the moisture must have penetrated the leather of the shoes. To avoid that the moisture makes impacts on the leather, we will introduce a wood last inside the shoes because they also are more sensitive when they are wet. If we are not at home, it is enough puting dairy paper inside the shoes. What we should not do is to dry them under the heating, because the source of a direct heat will tough the leather. 4-We should not abbuse of the cleaning products. Despite the shoes must always be polished and hydrated to avoid that the leather gets dried and weaken, the abbuse of shoe polish lasts producing layings on the shoe that apart of modifying their original colour, do not allow the leather breathe. 5-Finally, it is important to preserve the shoes in cotton bags that are given with all good shoes. These bags, besides leaving the leather transpire, prevent any dirt. If the space of our shoemaker allows it, once we have put every last in its shoe and every shoe inside its bag, we might keep them in the box that they were given.
The shoes are a natural product, so we need to take some preventive measures when we apply products for their maintenance. For that reason we must not use products for the house cleaning. We neither must not use solvent and abrasive products. And finally, never use the washing machine to clean them. We also suggest not to use products that contain fluid creams, even if they are specially for shoes. That fluid creams are not compatible with our products. On leathers as suede, we will never use creams. In that case we will remove the dust or the dirt that is on the shoe, and finally we will brush the suede with a special brush for it.