Take care of your George's

Take care of your shoes like a professional.
Below we will give you tips on how to take care of your shoes, box and antic leather items.

Step 1:


We will remove the laces, to facilitate the cleaning process.


Step 2:

We will introduce the wooden lasts

We will place the cedar lasts the correct size in your shoes.  

The lasts maintain the shape of your shoes: they prevent wrinkles from forming in the instep.  

the lasts of cedar woodThey absorb moisture from the leather, which helps dry the shoes, as well as giving the lining a slight cedarwood scent. 

 Step 3:

Clean up

 Remove dust and dirt with the Horse Hair Brush from horsehair bristles horse before applying the cream. 

 Step 4:

Application of the cream.

With the brush we will apply the cream, distributing it throughout the shoe, including the edges of the sole as long as they are leather.

It is recommended that the cream is suitable for the color of the shoe.

Once this process is done, we will let the skin absorb the nutrients from the cream, this phase lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Step 5:


After about 15 minutes of applying the cream, we will brush with the Horse Hair Brush, with long, firm and energetic movements to create a soft and uniform shine.

Step 6:


For this process, we will use a soft 100% cotton chamois to finish giving the shoe a touch of shine.


  What we must not do

Being a natural product, we must take a series of precautions when applying products for its maintenance, therefore we must not use products intended for household cleaning. Nor should we use solvents or other abrasive products. And we should never use the washing machine to clean them.

We also discourage products that contain liquid creams, even if you specify that they are to be used for footwear, said liquid creams are not usually compatible with our products.

If the shoes get wet, we should never dry them near sources of heat, or in the sun, since it could damage or dry out the leather.

To take care of your George's, you can find all the accessories on our website.

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