We are Jordi and Aurora Coll and we are back! Though we've never quite gone It is time to reinvent yourself, to connect with people from before and reach new customer profiles.

Our most immediate project is to recover women and iconic lines that we are still redesigning. What's next? Accessories, cleaning materials and shoe care. And why not? socks.

Design of yesterday, today and always

We create durable and timeless shoes that can be used in different contexts, over and over again. Easily combinable and comfortable from the first day of use.

Responsible consumption

Our shoes are made with quality materials, which prioritize the natural over the synthetic. We are committed to buying less and better: buying a recycled cotton garment has nothing to do with sustainability, but throwing it away the following year.

Made in Spain

All the shoes in our collection are made in Spain in an ethical manner, in factories and workshops that cannot compete on prices or in a hurry. We support and value above all the proximity.