Renovator / Suede Protector

Take care of your shoes like a pro.

Below we will give you tips to improve the appearance of suede, split leather and nubuck shoes, and on the other hand, we also apply a waterproof protection, using the Suede Renovator product.

We recommend before applying this product, previously clean dust or any dirt that the shoe may have. On the "Take Care of Your George's" page, we explain in detail how to do it.

Step 1:

Product Application

Once we have removed dust or any dirt, we proceed to the application of the spray product "Suede Renovator". We will proceed to the application of the product at a distance of about 20 centimeters from the shoe. Once applied, we will wait for the product to take effect for 30 minutes.

It must be taken into account, that this process contributes to an improvement of the appearance of the suede, or split suede, Producing a small change in the color of the skin, depending of the condition of the skin, or the colour.

Step 2:


After 30 minutes. With the special brush for suede, we brush the entire surface of the suede or split leather. 

In this image, once this process is finished, we can see that the shoe has improved its appearance, and since this product is water-repellent, we can wear our suede shoes in humid or rainy climates. As we can see, water does not penetrate the skin, so the skin is protected. However, despite this water-repellent treatment, we do not recommend stepping on large puddles, since it does not It means that the shoe is waterproof.

To take care of your George's, you can find all the accessories on our website.
For more details, you can also watch our video:
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